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"Creativity is a Wild Mind with a Disciplined Eye"
Dorothy Parker

pine cone - mixed media free pattern

Pine Cone

Mixed media free pattern → all you need is some yarn, thread & scraps of fabric + basic crochet & machine sewing skills. Could be a handmade gift, toy or home decoration.
[ yarn・thread・fabrics ]
pine cone - mixed media free pattern
pine cone - mixed media free pattern

Trapped in Summer

My next journey into the unknown 💭 with mixed media.
[ canvas・paint・yarn・beads ]


This is my second mixed media project. It was so fantastic to have the freedom to create anything with mixed textiles, different tools, and techniques This little 🍅 tomato is a combination of crochet, stitching, machine and hand sewing.
[ yarn・felt・fabrics・thread・beads ]


We makers are looking for inspirations and ways to express ourselves through our creations. We learn by trying new things and experimenting. This mushroom 🍄 is my very first mixed media project. It is far from perfect, but maybe this is a small step to big things… 
[ yarn・felt・fabrics・thread ]

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