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Pick up colors

... and open yourself to the new, crazy and creative techniques.

Choosing a color palette for a new project can be challenging, time-consuming, and even stressful. Today I would like you to forget about the rules, the color wheels, the color theory and to just have fun!

Step 1 → Spread your colored pencils, crayons, markers etc.

Step 2 → Close your eyes and pick up 3-5 colors, or more… after all, we are playing and there are no rules!

Step 3 → Take a photo of the chosen ones if you like the combination, if not → see the next step.

 Step 4 → Start again.

You may ask why should I waste my time playing games and leave everything to chance where there is no guarantee it will work? Why should I waste my time on this if I could  just look for color palettes online instead, there are thousands of them! 

Here is why

  • To be creative we need to be open to new, unconventional, and crazy techniques, and for that, we have to get out of our comfort zones a little. I know it's cliche, but it's true!

  • How many times do we come up with a greats ideas by accident? Picking up random colors blindfolded is crazy, but maybe it will lead to new color palettes that you would never even think of... Of course, it may not work out for you, but you will never know until you try, and I believe that every experiment teaches us something, and it's never a waste of time. Just having fun and forgetting for a moment all the things you have to do today, will give you a little fun break you really need! 

  • To discover something new we must stop following other people and go in different direction, we have to choose a less crowded path. But to be truly innovative we have to create this new path ourselves. Instead of choosing ready color palettes - would be great if we could come up with our own color combinations, and be the source of inspiration for others? Would be great to give something instead of taking?

  • Relaxed and free. As adults, we have forgotten how to play, how to have a child-like mind - curious, free of judgment, and free to create anything. We are afraid to laugh at, so we stay safe, and maybe our innovating and creative ideas will never see the light of day because we are afraid to make mistakes, to be less than perfect, to let go, to be free, to be ourselves, to be authentic... 

Who said we have to always be serious-minded, boring adults when being a child is so much better for our creativity, and even our health. Let's never let this child die!

I hope you had fun during this little exercise!

Have a great & creative day!

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."
Pablo Picasso
Pick Up colors

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