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Work with Magical Seedpods

... and boost your imagination and creativity.

A quick introduction 

Magical seedpods are little soft fantasy sculptures designed and handmade by myself. Each one is unique and one of the kind art toy. They have special abilities and can help boost imagination and creativity.

Please check my → Instagram to see more magicla seedpods or visit → Etsy shop if you would like to get one for yourself :)

Let's begin!

The purpose of this exercise is to create something that does not exist yet. To expand your imagination, and to relax a little while doing this visualization, which is a type of meditation. But mostly to astonished yourself how creative you can be!

∙ Find a quiet place when you will not be disturbed and relaaaax.
∙ Examin your seedpod, feel it’s texture, see the colors.
∙ Imagine what kind of plant will grow out of your seedpod, and where could be it's home?

Here are some question to help you start the creative process:

  1. How does the seedpod open?
  2. Does it need water or maybe a spell?
  3. Does it grow big or small?
  4. What does the plant look like?
  5. Does it produce flowers or fruits?
  6. How long does it live?
  7. Can it change colors?
  8. How does it smell?
  9. Where does it grow?
  10. Is it a night plant or a day plant?
  11. Does it glow in the night?
  12. Does it eat other plants or animlas?
  13. Does it need soil to live at all?
  14. Do other creatures like it or fear it?
  15. Does it have any psychic abilities or can it talk?
  16. Does it have medicinal properties or is it poisonous?

These are just a few of many many questions you can ask to imagine your plant.

Now what?

I hope you had fun letting your imagination run wild! Do not worry if it didn't go smoothly, or if you saw less then you expected. Just remember that everything gets better with practice.

Write it down, draw or paint whatever you saw and experienced. Bring it to life in any way you like.

One seedpod can give life to many different plants. There are no rules, no limits! Enjoy, have fun and see how far your imagination can take you :)

I hope you enjoyed this exercise!

Have a great & creative day!

"What if.. Two words with endless possibilities."

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