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❤︎ Drawstrings pouch with beads & tassels

drawstring pouch - free knitting pattern
drawstring pouch - free knitting pattern

This knitted pouch gives you the freedom to use whatever yarn and beads you want. I used cotton yarn because it is more durable. Use half-size smaller needles than your yarn calls for, for more dense stitches. Enjoy!

• Adding Beads
If you going to use the crochet hook method to add beads you will need small enough hook that will go through the bead and your yarn.
• Making change from purl to knit round
Slip stitch purlwise with yarn in front in the 1st stitch of knit round after purl round to make the purl round more even.

Skill Level

  • Advanced beginner
  • Basic knitting techniques

Find YouTube video tutorials at the bottom of the page for:

  • Judy's magic cast on
  • Jogless stripes
  • Add beads with a crochet hook
  • Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn bind off
  • Make a tassel


Width: 14 cm / 5.5 inch
Height: 24 cm / 9.5 inch


Ice Yarns in colors:
  • 100% Giza Cotton, Baby Cotton in orange - needle size 4mm
  • 70% Cotton, 30% Acrylic, Cotton DK 70 in grey - needle size 4mm


  • A lot of beads
  • Circular needles 3.5mm
  • Double pointed needles 2.25mm
  • Scissors
  • Small crochet hook
  • Stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle

Youtube video tutorials

How to add beads with crochet hook
How to make a Judy's magic cast on
How to make a Jogless stripes
How to make a tassel
How to make Elizabeth Zimmerman's Sewn Bind Off

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