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❤︎ Pirate Skull Pouch

pirate skull pouch - free knitting pattern

Finished Project Size

Width: 8cm | 3 inch
Height: 12cm | 5 inch

Essential To Know

• Knit in the round
• Purl in the round
• bind off
• how to read a chart

Find YouTube video tutorials at the bottom of the page for:
• Judy's magic cast on
• Jogless stripes color changing
• duplicate stitch aka. swiss darning

Materials & Tools

• Ice Yarns - Peru Alpaca Light in black & red, Master Alpaca in white
• Circular needles 3.5mm
• Tapestry needle 
• Markers 
• Scissors
• Beads

NOTE: You can use any yarn you like just adjust the needle size


CO - cast on
K - knit
P - purl
K2tog - knit two together
P2tog - purl two together
*..........* - repeat between

Let's get started!

Co 40 stitches {20 stitches on each needle} with circular needles using black yarn and Judy's magic cast on method.

Rows 1­ to 30: K all stitches around
Change yarn color to red 
with Jogless Stripes method in row 31.

Row 31: K all stitches around
Rows 32­ & 34: K2, P3 till the last stitch
In row 35 we will make holes to thread tape or yarn later on.

Row 35: 
K2, * bring yarn to front like for purl, then wrap yarn around the needle again, P2tog, P1, 
don't move the yarn back, K2tog*. Repeat from * to * till the last stitch.

Rows 36­ & 37: K2, P3 till the last stitch Bind off.

With white yarn using duplicate stitch aka. swiss darning method let's create the skull embroidery from the chart.

Skull chart source

Finish by weaving 2 long strings of red yarn or tape through the holes, tie knots near 2 holes where strings are coming from, place beads, tie knots after beads again to keep them in place. Cut the yarn.

It’s Done!

Please drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any thoughts or questions about this pattern.

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Helpful Youtube video tutorials

How to make a Judy's magic cast on
How to make a Jogless stripes
How to make a duplicate stitch aka. swiss darning

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