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Create now. Judge later.

... work without planning, criticizing, judgment, context, or reason.

I often talk to my husband Maciej whenever I have a creative block. Sometimes just talking out loud is a great help. Maciej is a creative person, and for him, music is a way to express himself. He taught me this exercise and now I am sharing it with you.

You will need

  • A quiet place
  • 30-60 minutes alone
  • Pen and paper
  • Zero distractions
  • No phone
  • No TV
  • No people around

Get yourself a snack and something to drink because you will not be going anywhere until you finished!
Think about several projects. For me, six was a perfect number. Do not make more than eight because your creative battery will probably run out.
You want to keep your inner-critic away as long as possible, and that is not easy, So let’s do it fast but without stressing you will run out of time.

If you think of fewer ideas it is OK too. But remember, you cannot leave your quiet place before the time is up, no matter how many ideas you come up with.

Use one page for each project. Draw, sketch, doodle, or write it down. Whatever you usually do when thinking about new ideas for your projects. I like to use a new page for each concept because with every new page I have a fresh start and the previous projects are out of side and out of mind.

One more essential thing before you begin, relax a little. Try to be like a child again. Draw without a plan.

Let’s do it!

The idea is to create without criticizing; you must separate these two actions.
Just draw or write whatever ideas for a project come to your head without thinking about it for too long, without asking yourself what it is, if it is useful, if will people like it, what the point is, why you are doing it, etc.
Just do it already! 

You can always judge it later, but not now, not when you are creating with your heart, with your emotions, not when you are having fun and trying to feel and follow your intuition
It may not be easy the first time, but if you send your inner-critic to go for a long walk and invite your inner playful child in, the better it may work out.

After finishing one idea for a project, start the next one and then the next one. Don't come back to the drawings/writing you finished. Just keep going! Do not go anywhere until you are done with all of them. Do not take too long breaks between the ideas. The less time you have, the better because you will not have a moment to start the self-judging game. 

Next, leave it for the day and do different things. Let it rest. Then, when you are ready, come back and take a look. Notice a difference between those ideas and your previous projects when your mind was more involved than your heart. Is there a difference...?

I hope you enjoyed this exercise!

Have a great & creative day!

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have."

Maya Angelou
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