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Love all colours

… and be less judgmental towards other people's colour choices.

What is your favourite colour?

After spending so much time around colours, choosing colour palettes for my next projects, looking at colourful art, crafts, food photography and fashion to name but a few. I can’t answer this question anymore. Can you? Do you feel the more time you spend playing with colours, the more colours you like? But what about the colours you don’t like? 

What is your least favourite colour?

Did you ever have to do a project for a client, a custom order, or a gift for a friend with the colours they love, and you hate? Working with colours you don’t like can have a pretty negative impact on the entire project and your creativity. So I asked myself, how can I change this? How can I lift this restriction on my choices and figure out how to free myself from this negative approach to some colours? How can I work out a way to enjoy working with any colour?

Let's learn how to love all colours

This exercise will help you to do just this. It will give you creative freedom and teach you how to be more understanding and less judgmental towards people's choices of colours in clothing or home decor.

I'm not saying that you should accept and like everything; just try to have an open mind. After this exercise, you will probably go back to your favourite colours for your projects. But, if this exercise works well for you, then maybe next time when you have to work with less desirable colours, you will welcome the challenge with a smile and a little less designer's ego :) and approach the project with more enthusiasm.

OK, less talking, more doing. Let the creative challenge begin!

  • Step 1. Find me!

    Select the colour you dislike the most. Use colourful magazines, scraps of fabrics, coloured cards, scrapbook paper, yarn, thread, colour swatches from the DIY store, watercolour paint, coloured pencils, markers or crayons. Whatever materials you work with often. 

  • Step 1. See me

    Place your colour (in whatever form it’s in) against a white or neutral background, or if you have it as a colour pencil or paint you can draw or paint with it. Spend a few minutes looking at it and/or touching it, or even talking to it. I’m serious. Call me crazy, but it works! Just say something positive like ”you are an OK colour”, “I will try to create something nice with you”, “I know you want to play too” etc. The goal here is to see and accept this colour. Usually, you would automatically push it away or hide it, but today let’s try to see it as a “good” colour, an opportunity to learn and grow as a designer and artist. 

  • Step 1. Use me!

    If you're like me, you probably have a lot of colourful stuff you work with all over your desk, and there's a good chance you already accidentally discovered excellent colour companions for your new friend. Make a little mess and spread scraps of materials or colour swatches on your desk. Take the ”bad” colour and place it near every other colour on your desk. Take your time, play with it and let yourself be surprised by the new colour palettes you will discover! 

    Set aside the colours you think will look good with your “bad” guy. One by one, put them together with your “bad colour” and now you can start building a new colour palette starting with those two and adding another colour that looks good with both of these colours, but also with each of them separately. Repeat this process until you have up to 5 colours for the new palette.

    Another less messy way to get to like your new colour is to surround it with colours from the same colour family. For example, if the “bad” colour is a dark navy blue, select different shades of blue or/and turquoise and see how they look together. Next, add to this group new colours like black or yellow or green etc. and build the new colour palette from here.

    I hope that by now you have found a few great new combinations, and your “bad” colour is turning into an "OK" colour or even the right colour. But if you are not sure yet, there is one more thing you can do. There is probably a lot more things you could do I didn't think of. 

    There is one place where there are no wrong colours, no bad colour combinations - Nature. Take a look at flowers, insects or birds and see how your colour is doing there. Try to create a similar palette. 

I hope you had fun during this little exercise!

Have a great & creative day!

"Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching because whatever you see can inspire you."

Grace Coddington
Love all colors
love all colors
love all colors
love all colors

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