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Make Crochet Ball Swatches

… and practice a little crochet therapy.

If you are a crocheter or knitter you know all about swatches. If you are an amigurumist you don’t make swatches very often or ever, but you are no stranger to spheres, ovals, tubes, cones and other roundish shapes.

Why make a ball swatch?

  1. To see how the yarn behaves and looks when crocheted in the round or spiral. It's useful especially for colourful, fury or fluffy textured yarns.
  2. To test how different crochet stitches will look.
  3. To practice crocheting in the round or spiral for beginners.
  4. To do something with leftover yarns.
  5. To relax and practice a little crochet therapy.
  6. To make cute decorations.
  7. For fun!

Crochet ball pattern:

Abbreviations US:

sc - single crochet
inc - increase, 2 sc in the same stitch
dec - decrease, 1 sc in next 2 stitches in FLO
FLO - in front loops only
*...* - repeat in between
pm - place stitch marker


Make a magic ring
R1: 6 sc in the ring, pm {6}
R2: inc in every sc around, pm {12}
R3: *1 inc, 1 sc* around, pm {18}
R4: *1 inc, 2 sc* around, pm {24}
R5: *1 inc, 3 sc* around, pm {30}
R6-10: sc around, pm {30}
R11: *1 dec, 3 sc* around, pm {24}
R12: *1 dec, 2 sc* around, pm {18}
R13: *1 dec, 1 sc* around, pm {12}
R14: dec around {6}

Cut a long piece of yarn and weave the yarn through the 6 sts - in FLO. Pull the yarn to tighten the circle. Hide the leftover end inside the work and cut it.

"We are all creative beings."

Maya Fiennes
crochet ball swatches
crochet ball swatches
crochet ball swatches

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